This weekends pulled pork

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Nov 15, 2010
Bellaire Oh
Unfortunately I did not get any before shots, but I put the pork in the smoker at 8 this morning. I am hoping I did not screw up here because I had the smoker set to 230 and here we are at 10 and the IT is reading at 150 160 already. Also, I could not find anything labled boston butt or picnic at the local grocier, so I am using what they said was the same thing and that is the shoulder? I got two of them and seasoned them up nice last night before I went out for my birthday.  

I will be getting some after pictures when I pull these out of the smoker and wrap, then I will get pics of it pulled.

Tonights dinner is going to be some stufz burgers (mushrooms, onion, provalone, pepers and bacon) with a side snack of ABT's

Heading off to the store here directly to get the rest of my things.

Please let me know if this is abnormal for these temps to be where they are after only 2 hours and also, if I picked the wrong meat to use.
Something doesn't seem right to already have an internal temp of 150 after two hours. Seems like either you are running hotter than 230 or the meat isn't actually at 150. Do you know your probes are calibrated?
actually never checked the calibration... it does sound like they are not... how do i do so?
as it turns out, I had the probes in to far. Everything is going pretty well right now, we are around 165 with and stalling right now!

Tonights ABTs are going to go in around 3 330 and will get a picture of the progress then. ABTs are stuffed with seasoned and cooked ground meat mixed into cream cheese! Can not wait for these to be done!

Qview coming soon!

dsmitty the the shoulder is made separated into the boston butt (upper portion) seen above, and the picnic which is the lower portion. Does your cut look like this?

Now that you have the thermo problem figured out your butt looks pretty darn good so far. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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