THIN KC sauce?

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  1. I am pretty new to bbq and have been trying various sauces. I really like the KC flavor of sweet and spice. However, most are too thick for my preference. How can I best dilute them to a more thinner sauce? Or perhaps a recipe that carries the flavor of a KC but is thinner?
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    Try thinning it with apple juice.
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    I'm the same way with Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, to thick in the bottle so I have perfected a method that my family and friends love:

    2 parts BBQ sauce

    1 part apple juice (or beer)

    1 part cider vinegar

    brown sugar or mollassas to taste

    That makes an awesome tangy thin sauce that goes well on just about everything, and it's easy to adjust to your liking.
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    De-Fatted pan Drippings are one of my Fav's to thin Sauce...This way you got a complimentary Sauce for each Meat you cook...JJ

    Omit the Butter and Add 1/4C Ketchup and 1T Mustard  to my Foiling Juice...Reduce to desired thickness. Makes 1CUP Sauce...That will give you a place to start to make your own...add a splash of Hot sauce, Worcestershire, or anything you like
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  5. thanks guys.
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    JJ has given you great advice.

    When making your own sauces, you have more control.  They need some cooking but you can control the amount of reduction to what you like.  Conversely, you can figger a bit more of what liquid you would like more of and then do the reducing.

    Learning what you and your family will like is half the fun of this wonderful hobby!

    Good luck and good smoking.

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