The Tamale saga continues....

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Mar 21, 2009
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I was talking with a friend about making tamales and she wanted to learn how to do them so we made a date to get together to make some.

This has turned into a party - which is never a bad thing... :-)

Today I am smoking a 9 pound pork butt and 2 chickens that will be the filling for the tamales... this should be fun!
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It's always great when friends get together on a project like that.  Looking forward to lots of pictures. 
Have had a few tamale get togethers and sure is better with help. I can't think of to many things that can't go into that masa and husks. Have fun and good eats Elly
Thanks guys - this started out with one person and now we are up to 15 - good thing it's on a Saturday! Better stock up on the beverages.. I was planning on cooking a chuckle next week too to make tacos with. Yum.. chuckie tacos....
Sounds good Elly,  With 15 people you better get LOTS of Beverages...
funny you mentioned this, came home from work and my g/f pulled some out of the freezer to steam for tonight. as a tip....only cook what you are going to eat, they freeze really well raw.
Just pulled the chicken and pork off the egg... used Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy rub - OMG - really good.
next time try an achiote paste/ comes out awesome. sounds lke yer in for a fun time!
OK folks...
Here are the pics -
Pork butt - rubbed down with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy...

Nice clean bone...

Chickens rubbed down with Simply Marvelous Sweet and Spicy

Sweet and Spicy is my new favorite rub...

And since I couldn't make pizza Friday night and this food is for next week, and the Egg was cranked it up that can only mean one thing...

Looks GREAT Elly !!!!!

Those closeup pics are awesome---Makes me feel like I'm walking around on the meat--exploring it's goodness----Not a safe place to be!


Well now Elly those photo's are excellent! If that's not food porn, I don't know what is!

Elly-your last batch that you showed us here inspired Ma Dutch and me to try our hand at making them. They were a bit of work but Ma and me really enjoyed each others company while we learned something new.  I made a slight change to the masa mix by adding chili powder into the mix. It added a subtle layer of flavor to the masa.
The making of tamales is fun if you have a group. If it's just one person, it's ALOT of work.

  Tamales is deffinantly an assembly line process.
Here's the end of the saga...

We were going with a Mexican theme, so when I saw an empanada thread on another board I decided to make those too....

And to round it out, I got up early and smoked a chuckie for tacos... CAB chuckies were $1.99/pound a few weeks back which is unheard of in these parts so you know I stocked up on them!


Chuckie was rubbed down with Todd's Dirt.

No pics of the tamale or empanada making - just too busy.

My Plate - I was stuffed! This was the same crew we go camping with and they all brought something to round out the meal. Needless to say we could have fed an army with the amount of food in my kitchen
On the plate - Chuckie Taco
Mexican Potato Salad
1 Chicken and 1 Pork tamale
Chile Relleno
Fresh Guacamole

Here is a twist on an ABT - it's a pickled Jalapeno, stuffed with cheese, encased in sausage, dredged in break crumbs.

To end the meal - Mexican Cheesecake

Also on the menu, but not on my plate was a 4 bean salad, jalaprno corn bread, and a hot dip.

I can say getting a group together to make tamales is a lot more fun then doing it alone.

I heard more then once that the empanadas were like crack - they kept going back for them. I will be sharing that recipe out.

Thanks for looking - I think I will be having leftovers for breakfast! is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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