The Good "Ol" Days

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Dec 25, 2010
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I met my wife 33 years ago.
She was an ATC at Edwards AFB.

I worked at USAF Plant 42 and would travel between so I got to talk to her via radio crossing the runway in the tower/tracon


We married a year later. 32 years ago the 18th.
I think my math is
Congrats on 32!!!
Was at Edwards once (outside the base) to watch a Space Shuttle land.
Congratulations on 32, that’s sweet for sure, and both military, even better enjoy.

My wife and I are 27 years this year. She served at NAS Miramar (Navy then) with a training squadron there. Very cool stuff.
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Thanks everyone.

We were both married for few years before meeting, her husband AF vet got hit and killed by drunk driver a year before we met.
Congrats on the 32, Rick. In this day and time where everything is disposable including marriage and relationships, that's quite an accomplishment. Exactly 1 month from today will be our 41st...
Long time. Just shows we SMF folks are good.
Congrats Rick! We just had our 39th last week, sometimes when asked how long married I answer 150 years. The reactions are hilarious. It is true in this day and times, a long term Marriage is rare.
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