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Discussion in 'Beef' started by bobbymac29649, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. I smoked my first pastrami yesterday.  Brisket, brined for a week, rubbed and in fridge uncovered for two days then into the smoker at 8:00am yesterday morning at 225. Hit 167 by 5:00, wrapped  in butcher paper and put back in smoker (MES 40).  Internal temp dropped to 163 and stayed there for 3 hours then 164 for another 3 hrs.  I set the timer for five more hours and went to bed.

    When I got up this morning at 6:00 the smoker was off and the internal temp read 130.  It's on the dry side so I was thinking of steaming in..Your thoughts?

  2. noboundaries

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    It definitely didn't finish cooking.  Steaming would work fine.
  3. mummel

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    Do you have Maverick.  Next time set the timer to 23 hours and just set an alarm on the Mav.  That way it will wake you when it's done and you could have kept cooking. 
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    I feel likewise , place your Maverick Probes in place (or what you have) and if need be ; do a little Babysitting . Grab another drink and kick back [​IMG]

    Oh , there now devices to awaken you if you doze off .  .  .  check your local Truck  stop [​IMG]


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