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  1. The pic is nice.....but you didn't include any backstory to the post.   We want info......[​IMG]
  2. Sorry! It's a 6 lb pork tenderloin that I smoked on my weber kettle grill. I rubbed her down with my rub recipe and let her fly for about 4.5 hours at 200 degrees. I mopped a sauce of apple juice apple cider vinegar pepper flakes and garlic every 45 min after the first two hours Pulled it off at 147it and I would have more pics but it's gone. It was the most juicy pork I have ever had.
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    This guy is brutal.... :police2:

    He knows where Tempe is..... I'am just sayin..... :biggrin:
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    Nice , love a good Pork Tenderloin done to Med. , a side of veggies and a good drink make it a wonderful meal.

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    Looks real good.  Need to do a full tender.

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