Taking My Brisket Chili to the Next Level

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Tyler Anthony

Original poster
Nov 18, 2018
I am making smoked brisket chili for an upcoming Super Bowl Party. In the past I have made smoked brisket chili by just replacing ground beef with smoked brisket. That time I don't think I had enough meat, so I intend to add ground beef with the smoked brisket. I am planning on cooking it all on my smoker in a dutch oven. I was just wondering if there are other meats I can add to take it to the next level. Different meats than just Brisket and ground beef? If you have had success with adding multiple meats to a chili, Id love to hear it.

I agree w/Al...bacon is a must in our chili
I usually have odd sized chunks of bacon left over when I'm slicing. I cut those into small chunks (lardons) and freeze. Take them out when I need a bit of bacon fat or flavoring to a dish. Don't know why that wouldn't work with chili.
No matter what you decide, maybe try a test batch of your recipe first?

Tweak if needed prior to the Super Bowl?
If Al says Italian sausage and bacon mixed I know it’s right. Before reading his post I was thinking chuck. But a few other posts made sense too. Just flats are decent priced in my area, so more brisket is a great option😎 That’s the beauty of cooking…and stress, it’s open to interpretation!
the last time i made chili i used smoked brisket hot sausage ground beef and venison. i make a texas style chili with no beans. i do still like a chili with beans but we prefer texas style. i basically use any left overs i have. have even added pulled pork one time it was still a great chili.
I usually use 50/50 ground beef/breakfast sausage and 5-6 pieces of thick cut bacon (crumbled)

Saute my onions, peppers, carrots in the bacon grease.

My latest tweak is adding lots of smoked paprika imported from Hungary, puts it over the top.
I think changing up the meat makes far less difference than the spice profile and sauce base . I am all about the no beans scratch made chile from guajillo and arbol peppers sauce base now.
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I know this is an old thread (last year's SB), but I my #1 meat for chili is cubed brisket point. It works great if smoked, but cubed raw and unsmoked works beautifully, too.

Trimmed tri tip or chuck roast are my second chili choices, but they don't reach that melt-in-your-mouth consistency of the fattier point.

I thought I'd smoked my last brisket in the chest freezer, but found one last week buried in a corner that will end up in chili (point) and tacos (shredded flat) once the weather turns cold.

Holy crap! It's got a "sell by" date of 09/18! It'll only be good for chili and tacos

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