smoked brisket

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  1. Simi Kay

    Should I confit brisket

    Hi guys, the beef briskets that I get from my farm, are high quality grass-and a little grain-fed. They have got a fine fat cap, and are probably between the high select and the low choice in marbling, which, according to BBQ experts is very challenging for the beginner. I have seen the Mad...
  2. T

    Taking My Brisket Chili to the Next Level

    I am making smoked brisket chili for an upcoming Super Bowl Party. In the past I have made smoked brisket chili by just replacing ground beef with smoked brisket. That time I don't think I had enough meat, so I intend to add ground beef with the smoked brisket. I am planning on cooking it all...
  3. Brisket With Smoked wagyu Beef Tallow

    Brisket With Smoked wagyu Beef Tallow

    in this video i smoked brisket with wagyu beef Tallow and it turned out really good so moist and Rich the flavor of it was real beefy I would definitely reco...
  4. Smoked Brisket Is A Long Rest Better?

    Smoked Brisket Is A Long Rest Better?

    in this video I take a brisket and cook it on the smoker and that arrested in a cooler for 7 hours to see if the longer rest is better than just letting it r...
  5. O

    Smoking Brisket Help

    Hello, I'm new to smoking briskets and i'm sure this question has been posted and answered, but dont have to time to comb through everything. Anyways, i've smoked two brisket flats from costco so far ranging from 5-6.5 lbs, they have the bark, and the smoke ring, but both have come out dry. I...
  6. N

    Hit a problem with smoking brisket

    Hi, I’m new to this forum but I was hoping some Good Samaritan would answer my question.. I smoked a brisket yesterday for about 4hrs in 110C till IT reached 65C, it developed a beautiful bark and smelt Devine. I then transferred the brisket into the oven at 110C to steam (I put it on top of a...
  7. Smoked Brisket With Black Salt

    Smoked Brisket With Black Salt

    Smoked brisket with Montreal steak seasoning Hawaiian black salt and garlic pepper
  8. schlotz

    Finally, a brisket everyone liked!

    Like many, brisket has been my nemesis. While I've smoked many that have been acceptable, I never was satisfied that the end result was at least a 9 out 10. The son-in-law brought me a 13# Wagyu from a Ranger buddy of his (who has gone into raising cattle) and asked me to smoke it. Well, I was...
  9. idahopz

    Smoked corned beef for Reuben sandwiches and meatloaf

    I've been doing corned beef packers (commercial) for St. Patrick's day for a few years, and it has become somewhat of a tradition to my family. The packer was kind of a biggie - nearly 23 pounds. The process was simple - using the Traeger set at 250F, and a tube smoker both using GMG fruitwood...
  10. G

    Need some helpful hints for my next beef brisket on pellet grill

    Hey guys, I'm new to the smoking world...been grilling for years, but smoking is new to me. I recently acquired a Pit Boss Pellet 8 in 1 smoker/grill. I tried smoking a 15 lb (pre-trimmed weight) beef brisket last weekend @ 225* degrees, with some success, but I was really surprised at how...