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Oct 10, 2021
Seattle WA
Well, my wife went on a ski trip and brought home a dose of covid. So, I went to the freezer and found this piece of meat, I defrosted it in the refrigerator starting yesterday. I was looking at a Bearcarver Bearcarver post SV 50 Hrs and thought I would try that on this meat. I have questions because I cannot guarantee that it is actually a chuck roast. The label was a piece of blue painters tape all crumbled up, so I am really uncertain.


Someone here probably knows better then me.

Anyway, I want to try to cook this with the 50 Hr sous vide technique from Bearcaver if it is what I think it is, otherwise some other suggestion would be useful.

And, we do not have Onion soup. The wife is very sensitive to sodium so we just don't have it. Can I however replace it with a SPOG rub and get close to the same results.

Or should I just toss the mystery meat.

Any help would be appreciated.
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It looks along the lines of a brisket.
Which you can cook like a chuck roast.
My opinion on the Sous vide for cuts like chuck and brisket is I have found that I prefer the texture using a higher temp cook for shorter periods of time.
1 like to run the Sous vide around 180°f and cook for 10-12 hours max 15 hours or so.
Yes SPOG will work just fine.
Not like any chuck I have seen. You might want to consider Bear's pulled chuck for this if still want to SV.

I'm with the others who said it looks more like brisket than chuck. I have never seen a chuck that looks like the pic you posted. As far as how to treat it, I haven't jumped on the SV train yet, so no help there.
OK, I will accept it is a Brisket, not sure where it came from.

I have a lot of time on my hands, I will look up sous vide brisket. I can't grill it as we have a coupe of inches of new snow and I don't feel up clearing it all to get at the grill so I fry it or broil it to get a better surface.
I’d go 147* for 36 hours. For a more traditional texture, or do like Bear did at 165* for 30hrs for pull meat.
I thought Bear did 132* for 50 hrs? or are you suggesting a different post?

Whatever it is, if there's even the slightest chance of it being tough, I would go with 48 hours.
And if I want to slice it, I'd use a temp of 132°.
If I want to have "Pulled Beef", I'd use the temp of 165°.

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