SuperBowl Sunday Shaky Style Q-view

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Dec 8, 2013
I started yesterday in the early morning making a few batches of Jeff's rub(which I love). By 11am the butt and 2 spare ribs were trimmed, prepped and rubbed heavily. I used parkay only one one rack, mustard on the other and a mix of both on the butt to get the meat nice and sticky for the rub. Right about 1pm the Pork was wrapped and put in the fridge. 12lbs of wings cleaned and ready to rub and smoke afterwards. Will probably do the wings on the custom baby offset. I have always done my butts on the big custom, we will see how the MES works out.

4 am - MES 40 loaded with cherry chunks and heating up.
4:30am - 9lbs of butt went on at 225 for 9hrs

I will check it on about an hour to see how she's doing. And keep it updated.
Ribs will go on about 11am

First pick after adding a little more rub on the spots the plastic wrap wore off.
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Special coffee indeed. Black with red bull as a chaser. Lol.. Good morning to you! :grilling_smilie:
Here we are at about 2.5hrs in and were looking good. IT is at 133 and the bark is starting to form. I'm misting every hour with a 3/1 mix of apple cider vinegar and tiger sauce.


Everything turned out absolutely perfect. It was a good day for the que.

Pork Butt - the first 2 hours in smoke I kept the butt in a shallow pan to collect the natural juices. After that it went direct to rack and smoked to 165. It was pulled off after about 9 hours, double wrapped in foil which is where I used all the juices I got from the pan. It took about 4 hrs in the oven at 250 to get to 195 degrees. After that I wrapped in a old towel and off to the cooler for about an hour or so.

I decided to try Jeff's finishing sauce even though it was absolutely perfect without it. I must say I was amazed. I make a darn good pulled pork but I outdid myself with Jeff's finishing sauce. Here are some q-wiew shots.

And now for the ribs. I chose to only trim the flank and excess fat. I always remove the membrane as well. Both were done with Jeff's rub. Before foiling them I chose to spritz one with a apple cider/tiger sauce mix and the other with a 1/4 can of coke. Both rack were amazing. They didn't last long but I did hide a few for myself once the party goers leave the house. Here's some more q-view pics.

Last but definitely not least the chicken wings. I did 2 styles. One with butter and franks with a nice sprinkle of garlic pepper the add some extra heat and flavor, the other butter and covered in Jeff's rub. 1hr in the smoke and they were done. Definitely up there with the best wings I have had. Here are some final pics. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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