Super Bowl Sunday!

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Apr 2, 2009
Cherry Hill, NJ
So what's everyone doing for the Super Bowl? it is a party Sunday and anxious to hear what you guys have on your mind for smoked foods. Let's hear it!
When will the NFL get smart and have the Superbowl on Saturday so everyone can have more fun and have a day to recover??? Or am I the only one that thinks that sounds like a good idea? I don't know what I am doing yet. I want to have people over and smoke something but most people are out of town. Hopefully I will have a few people over and keep it simple. ABT's, stuffed burgers and maybe ribs.
Doing some pp an brisket nachos for the game . i agree w/ a saturday game.
Might stay home from the hospital and cook...maybe not we'll see...If i do smoke it will be ribs,a ground turkey fattie and a ham!
Got some brats that I might throw into some beer for a bath, prior to throwing on the grill, along with a big pot of vegetable soup, using some of the fresh produce bought at a local farmers' market yesterday.

Depending on how confident I get, I may go ahead and smoke some cheese ....

I'm going the easy route. Pulled some dino bones, brisket, and cowboy beans out of the freezer. Just need to mix up a slaw and dinner is ready.
Pork and Beef ribs, MOINK balls, Wings, Buffalo Chicken Cheese balls

And I agree with the Saturday game -
Uh's the basemeny guy again. 

Here's what I did with the parts of the duck we ( cycletrash 98) didn't salt for Prosciutto , marinated  and brined

in apple pie and  then on the weber silver with salt and pepper


and a Fattie with morels and the left over bacon I cut up and fried to roll up in it ( bacon bits didn't make it to the fattie after tasting them

fried in the duck fat I had to eat them!)   did add BBQ sauce and provolone to the morels


 on the Weber with apple chunks
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Smoking some marinated jerk chicken wings - fresh mozzarella is in the smoker right now. Took a smoked tri tip, fresh sausage and some chorizo and turned into chili and right now the ABT's are chilling waiting to go in
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Looks good Dave, can't wait to see the finish.
Here you go . tried one of the wings and I may never smoke chicken again

  Got everything in a cooler til game time.    Is it game time yet?
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Looks good! Smoke them first then a couple of minutes on a real hot (500-600 degree) grill to crisp them up. Can't beat that.
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