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    Well it was a crappy day yesterday but today the forecast called for less rain. Hadn't used my masterbuilt in a while so I was excited to fire her up this morning. Don't have pics of the whole process but instead the results. At 8:00 this morning I threw on two pastramis that had been sitting in my fridge since Friday night, rubbed in the rub. Put them on with some apple wood at around 235. At 10:00, I threw in an untrimmed rack of spares with Jeff's rub and a few buffalo chicken SBTs (made with mini sweet peppers).

    The Buffalo chicken SBTs were a great snack...about 2 hours at 235.

    Jeff's rub was really great on the ribs. I went completely naked the whole time. No foil, no spritizing, no saucing. Took almost 7 hours for the tenderness to be where I wanted it.

    Even my daughter liked them...

    The pastramis were in the smoker for about 10 hours and I finished them in the oven. Going to steam and slice them during the week. The one on the left is a point cut and the one on the right is a flat cut.

    Thanks for looking and I hope you all had a good weekend!
  2. Nice assortment man  [​IMG]   I'll bet that buffalo chicken would be great in some habaneros!  [​IMG]
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    Thanks! I agree about turning the heat up with ABTs but a lot of my friends and family can't even handle the jalapeños when I have made them so in the name of research (and due to a good price on the little sweet peppers) I did a little experimenting. Definitely will be making those again.
  4. All looks really great. Good looking strami.

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