Sticks Qview

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They look great.................. Nice job...........
Thanks all. I am really happy with this batch. These are all beef. I was helping a friend make some venison sticks so as long as he had his stuff dirty I picked a 18 lb beef arm in scale. Made this and saved a roast for the Slow cooker. Smoked in an MES 30 in zero degree weather .
What temp did you use to make these tasty things in the MES 30 and how long did it take? I have smoked in mine as cold as 10 above and it maintained it's temp i set.  Did you have any problems at 0 for a temp? That's what it's been around here and colder. Reinhard
I am in Wisconsin straight east of the Cities so you have an idea of the weather here. I had issues with keeping the AMPNS lit on my first run with it so I opened smoker up in those temps too much. Plus I had excessive time drying before turning up heat for a few reasons. So time was off. Second batch went very quick. I would like to shoot 5 hours. Maybe a bit more if just for me because I like heavy smoke. This batch was in for hours before adding smoke. Frustrating. I will attach a pic of moisture still coming out hours after starting and then the moisture next to the TBS of the amnps a bit later . is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.