Steak Fajitas

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Nov 8, 2016
Had some tenderloin in the freezer and the son is a steak fajita nut and he had COVID so he got his wish.

Had some running around so the Sous Vide made sense for this one. 130 degrees for a about 3 hours

Then on to the BS piping hot with a pepper mix of bell pepper and pablanos. IMHO pablanos change the game for fajitas.

Knocked a few margaritas down in the process, not to mention a few flies now that my bug-a-salt mounted laser came in.

And the finished product. Was excellent - some might question the use of tenderloin in fajitas and I get it but it’s what was in the freezer getting old, and a strong marinade and some butter does wonders. Thanks for lookin


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Nice! Tenderloin is tender...but lacks in flavor IMO so the spicy marinade surely helps it those were delicious! And I have a bug assalt....did not know they made a laser for it...
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Nice work, maybe not the best use of tenderloin but I would never turn down beef tenderloin in any form. I bet they were delicious
Tenderloin is awesome in anything, great use of the SV and griddle. I agree pablanos are a game changer in any Mexican meal. I just dehydrated 6 of them to make pablano pepper powder.

Great cook!
Yea, what's the deal with the flies? They seem to be attracted by the smoke. They come swarming even before you get the meat out.
I've been thinking about a fly zapper like that.
You nailed that steak. I use Plabanos for everything. Love that pepper salt on glass. I use to use Tones six pepper blend but can kno longer find it. Looks like a grapefruit margarita. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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