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  1. I was ready a thread where the person that you should not use any spices that are over 6 months old. I buy my spices from the grocery stores or Sam's.  Almost all of my spices are over 6 months old.  Where would you purchase fresh spices and how would you know how old they are?  I guess the you really do not know how long they have been on the shelf also.  How do you prepare your spices for sausage?

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    Bones, morning....  I buy spices from "The Spice House"....  Penzy family business....   You can buy whole spices and grind them at home.....  They stay a lot fresher that way...  Store them in air tight containers also.....
  3. Dave is right. I use a coffee grinder that is my dedicated spice grinder. After 6-months spices start losing their potency. You can use them but they will not be as potent. We all have spices in our cupboards older than 6-months. In a perfect world your spices jump out of the cupboard after six months and throw themselves away.....that doesn't happen for most folks...[​IMG].............RTBBQ............[​IMG]
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    Bones - Buying spices is one of those situations where you need to know and trust who you're buying them from. You're far better off buying them from a specialty merchant that lives and dies on a single product line rather than a big box store where you can get some ribs, your tires changed, an eye exam, a new TV, as well as your spices at the same time. To a big box store, spices are a lame afterthought.

    For most mainstream commonly used spices my primary source is The Spice House as Dave mentioned. On occasion, I do use Penzey's. In my case, both have retail locations a reasonably short driving distance from where I'm located.

    We tend to like the flavors of the foods from India, North Africa, and the Middle East. For the more exotic and harder to find spices my prime source is Zambouri, then followed by My Spice Sage.

    As has been mentioned, whenever possible buy whole spices and grind as needed.
  5. If I was going to start grinding my own spices where could I get information on how to take care of the spices, grinding and whatever it takes to get the spices ground.  I am new at this and in the past I most of my seasoning was pepper and salt so I am at a loss for what spices to use.  I do not have any idea of what the taste results will be by adding a particular spice.  I am amazed when watching television how rubs or seasoning for different things will have 10 different spices.  How could I say sample spices or find out which spices to use?  I actually do not no what I just know that I want something different.  I guess I could look at other sausage recipes and try them. I guess maybe I am asking to much. 

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    If I buy my spices in bulk and dont use much of it I vacuum seal 1/2 of it and keep em in the fridge.. When I run out I just open a fresh new pack and refill
  7. I buy my spices a place called Bulk Barn Up here in Canada.  I have no idea if a store by that name or a store with a similar business plan is the USA.  This store has about 80% of everything in bins, with tongs or scoops, you pick what you need.  This is good for spices, you can buy a couple of teaspoons or less of any one spice if you want.  They supply the bags, the ties for these bags, as needed.  Every spice you can think of, candies, flours, sugars, Cereals and anything else you would eat or use to cook with is in bulk there.  It is one very useful store and it Works good for the Smoking meat crowd up here.
  8. I like that idea boykjo..........[​IMG]
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    If you are particularly interested in Spice combo's in Sausage there lots of great books and sites with recipes. If you want extended general knowledge, check out The Spice Bible and The Flavor Bible...JJ

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