Spares and Quarters

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Original poster
Dec 11, 2010
North Central Ohio
Well I broke in my MES 30 today it was 16° out when I fired it up. My wife ,Daughter and her boy friend and grand kids along with my Son and his buddy all gave good reviews. Hope the pix come out.    I used Jeff's Rub  made the BBQ sauce also but ever one ate them as they came out.
looks good rick........................16 deg, aren't you in the south?
Looks great - I would be proud to serve that to my family
Those chicken quarters look awesome!!! Man it's been in the 30's here & I can't talk myself into firing up the smoker? I'm not use to ever being cold in az
looks good rick........................16 deg, aren't you in the south?
Must have me confused with some one else. My name is Frank and from north central ohio . Think maybe I should move to the south.................
duh...........and that's why yer handle is shooter92 and not shooter rick.
 and a 16 deg you might want to think about relocating
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