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Sparerib and bellie trimmings


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I have 5 lbs of trimmings from some spares i did last weekend, and 3-5 lbs of trimming from some bellies, any thought as to what I could do with all of this aside from sausage.  I was thinking I could braise it, or use it in a pork stew?  Thoughts or recipe suggestions greatly appreciated.


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I have saved my belly triming that didn't get cured for this winter, gonna try some old time crackins.

Pop show how easy trimings can be made into lard, and the leftover pieces then deep fried. The rib trimming, I would add to a pot of beans, or just put them puppies on the grill for the chefs cut. LOL Cajun dirty rice, or rice dressing. Heck that would make awesome boudin, but thats is back within the sausage realm.

I see you are from Va. if you like cornbread those left over goodies after rendering most of the lard out are just damn good in cornbread!

If you just wanted a stew, That is tender meat though, a good mexican green chili stew would be pretty tastee especially this time of the year.

All kinds of good stuff to do.


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From your rib trimmings I am assuming you have the sternum meat?  I leave the diaphragm meat on for a meatier rib.

Either way? My other half likes to braise the sternum meat.  Only problem is picking out all the little chunks of cartilage.

Worth it though cause the meat is great.  Makes wonderful tacos and burritos in her hands!

Also note, some here like to separate the sternum meat from the ribs and smoke it when they smoke the ribs.  Makes great appetizers for the chef and his useless helpers who hold the cold beers while standing around the smoker!

Good luck and good smoking.
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When in dought I grind a lot of my scrap. It makes good sausage as well as sticks. I use it in wild game as well to add extra fat.

Happy smoken.


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