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  1. fstarsinic

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    This is not a recipe but I've found that if I make a typical red pasta sauce with ground beef, italian seasoning, etc... (just a quickie) .... it comes to life by tossing in a leftover smoked pork rib.
    Just barely enough that you can tell it's there. Enough that you wish for more.

    I really like it. You should be able to tell there's a secret ingredient in there but not enough that you can't tell what it is.

    You don't want to serve smoked spaghetti. That's a different show.
  2. meatball

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    Great idea, I'll have to try it. Like you said, for that "secret" ingredient which almost all good sauces have, I love your idea. Too bad it's not a secret anymore..LOL...thanks for sharing!
  3. eman

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    any time i trim beef or pork i save the trimmings and when i get a pan full i smoke it then freeze. works great when added to red sauce, soup,stew, chop fine and add to omelets.
    If i have enough i'll make a jambalaya or pastalaya w/ the trimmings.

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