Spached again...

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pit 4 brains

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Dec 16, 2009
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This is the end result, details to follow...... stay tuned.

Those look great Pete
Thanx all!

Ok, here's the tale of two birds...

In my post awhile ago I mentioned spachcocking my way. I basically follow these directions (  )  but I continue on and remove the ribs, breast and wish bones. I thought I had a definate technique but I did it different on all three of these chickens.

So here I have three semi-boned chickens. I like to leave the wings, thighs and legs bone-in for support.


My marinade.. Go ahead and bust my chops but i love this one in particular..


While I preparred the drum, the chicken got a nice bath in the marinade. Now lets get to tying..

Lay em out flat breast side down...


Bring the wings together like he's under arrest and cuff him. Actually, start with a square knot at the top and then half-hitch at the lower portion of the wings. This is how we keep the wings inside and prevent them from drying out.


Now I fold the thighs over the string and wrap the legs together. I do the right thigh over the left because this is the direction I tension my string in..


Now you just start tying it up like a roast. Begin by taking the string in two hands and sliding it under the bird, bring both ends up and tuck the string under itself and pull it taught then move forward.



Continue to the end with a couple more ties then make a knot on the final hitch.


Now bring remaining string back to legs and tie off for a nice handle..



Now it's into the drum for a while..


Just about done...



And here they are...

No money shots as i took them to work for the boys, they were devoured and I had no camera anyhow..

If you're having a hard time with dry chicken... this will solve your problem!

Looks like I got my pictures and text mixed up at the end here.. sorry..

Thanx for lookin and hope this helps someone out!
great play by play pete.........ya done taught this old dawg a new trick, thx!
Pete, those look fantastic, real nice birds, can't wait to here.....the rest of the story........Good day!

Your SMF Friend,

I miss Paul Harvey.. brings back some memories I had with my dad.. thanx

great play by play pete.........ya done taught this old dawg a new trick, thx!
Try it out Rob, the chicken just comes out awesome...
Excellent job Pete and thanks for the detailed instructions. The next chickens I do will be this way. Thanks again buddy!   
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