some friendly advice for 8.25lb boston butt and 3 slabs of ribs..

Discussion in 'Pork' started by seapro220, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. seapro220

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    Hello all,

    Started a 8.25lb boston butt today just before noon after it, and the 3 slabs of baby back ribs, were rubbed down all night in the fridge.  Internal temp of the BB was  61 degrees whenever I put it in - if I remember correctly.  It's been cooking in my MC40 for almost 3 hours at 260 and the internal temp is 129 right now.  Seems like a good start to the BB as the temp has bee rising up pretty quickly.  It's sitting directly on the tray above the water pan as I'd planned (hopping) to keep it moist and keep some of the drippings down.  As soon as the temp gets to about 160-165, I'll foil it and let the temp keep on rising.  I know that this is the longest time - foiled - from a previous butt I did.  Haven't decided if I'll move it into the oven so I can raise the temp quicker by heating the oven up yet.

    I've never done ribs but the general consensus seems to be this ... 2- 2 - 1...or something like that.  I'll pull them out of the fridge about 30 minutes before i put them in the cooker.  Is there a temp at which i should cook the ribs?  I do have multiple probe temps but didn't know how well that'd work since you can't really 'stay' in the meat section w/o hitting a bone and getting a false temp reading.

    anyway .. thoughts or suggestions are appreciated ..
  2. I cook my ribs at about 225-230.  I don't foil and let them go for about 4.5 to 5 hours and get great results. 

    Also I pull from Fridge to smoker.  No need to bring to room temp as cold meat takes smoke better.  

    As for the Butt I also don't foil but plan on a long smoke.  

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  3. seapro220

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    I think I'm going to have to take the butt off, and move it to the oven. What temp should I set on the oven after I foil it so I can raise the temp on up..300, 360? I think the internal temp of the port needs to be around 200..right?
  4. Set it for 350 and put her in.  Pull at 200-205

  5. miersc77

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    Right on the IT at 200* Personally I'd stay around 250* even in the oven, are you running out of time?
  6. If he puts it in at 250 he may as well leave it in the smoker.  No need for low and slow now that he's dine with the smoking portion.

  7. miersc77

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    Of course I would be waiting all night....... kinda like now!
  8. seapro220

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    Yrs, I'm running out of time and have some hungry fans coming over now. A few cold ones will grant me some time for a bit I can't leave it in the smoker as I have just wrapped the ribs and have them in there cooking still. Temp was as 161 on the butt whenever I wrapped and moved it to the oven. Have it set at 350 so we'll see how long it takes now.

    thanks for all the advice. Pics to follow at the end. Geez...sure smells good around here.

    Wanted to start earlier with everything but had a plant show earlier with the wife...
  9. seapro220

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    [ATTACHMENT=2025]20150418_210202.jpg (2,055k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT][ATTACHMENT=2026]20150418_211333.jpg (2,191k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]
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    Time and myself never get along. Every time I get a time table in my head like, I'll start here, it'll cook to here, rest here and then we'll eat here........ proves me wrong time and time again! Guess that's why I keep the bar stocked!
    Your pics look amazing! Looks like your night was a huge hit! Congrats!!
  11. seapro220

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    The night went great. Here' a pic of the bb..took 11.40 [ATTACHMENT=2028]20150419_000251.jpg (1,925k. jpg file)[/ATTACHMENT]hrs to cook. Thought I'd kept a pic of it when I cut it up..but couldn't find it.

    Thanks for all the help. Got to start earlier with these high boys. ..
  12. sota d

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    Very nice looking butt, love the bark! Ribs look great too! Hard to plan a butt to be ready in time for dinner-pigs can't tell time! I try to start early enough that it will be done hours ahead, then double wrap in foil and towels and into a small cooler to hold. Leave the temp probe in to make sure it stays above 140*. I've held for 4 hours and it was still steaming when I pulled it apart! Nice smoke, everything looked great!

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