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Solaryellow's Gyro Sausage


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Here is the background of how this sausage came to be. When I moved from the upper midwest to NC, I could not find a decent joint to get a gyro at. I tried every one of the local places and always walked away disappointed. But then one day I had a friend tell me about a little place about an hour away so my wife and I struck out in search of an adequate gyro. I had dropped the bar pretty low by this point. So you can imagine how surprised I was to find a place that made them like I remember them from Chicago. About halfway through inhaling my gyro inspiration struck. Why can't I make this? And rather than rig up a rotisserie with a vertically mounted hot plate to cook the giant meatwad that the two of us couldn't finish, why not stuff it into casings? Then it could be grilled, shoved in a pita, and topped with tzatziki sauce, tomatoes, and onion. So that is exactly what I did.

This is the 4th iteration of this recipe. Some of you may be using an older version that I gave you about a year ago. If you are happy with it then keep on making it. All I ask is that those of you who try this recipe, report back how it went and what you would change to make it better. While I think it is very good, it isn't quite perfect yet. This makes a little more than 5 lbs.


1lbs lamb (You can vary the amount of lamb and beef based on your personal tastes. I am not a huge lamb fan so I lean towards more beef to mellow out the lamb taste.)

4lbs chuck roast (don't trim off the fat)

2 cups finely chopped onion

3 tbs minced garlic 

1 1/2 tbs kosher salt

1 tbs ground marjoram

2 1/2 tsp ground rosemary

1 1/2 tsp ground black pepper

1 cup ice water

Preparation: Grind up the lamb and beef through your smallest plate. Then mix the remaining ingredients with the cup of water and mix well. Pour over meat and mix in well. Let it sit overnight in the refrigerator for the flavors to develop. After letting it sit overnight you can emulsify the mixture if you prefer to do so. I like it just as it is so I do not. Stuff into 32/35mm natural hog casings and link. Refrigerate what you will eat within three days, vacuum seal and freeze whatever you won't.

Sorry for the crappy cell phone pics but they are the best I have at the moment.

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Man Joel that looks great.


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Looks like a good recipe, I am going to try it...


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That's a great idea for a sausage!  I will have to try it too.  My gyro experiences were in Greece while in the Navy.  I know what you mean about setting the bar low to find an acceptable one here.  Thanks for the recipe and I will report back.


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Great Job!

I have to find some lamb around here, without going to the super expensive grocery stores.



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That looks darn good from here SY !!!

Thanks for the view,



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Looks very tasty. I love Gyro's.


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I made 20 lbs of it this weekend. Any of you guys try it yet?


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So who hid this post from me? HUH HUH!
  Just kidding, this recipe is added to my list, I love some good gyro's.


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this is the one i was talking about in realtorterry's thread............


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Yep sure did !   All I can say is MMMMMMM!!!!  Short on time now  will report more fully soon!

Great sausage Joel!



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Now I got the third or the second recipefor this sausage and made it and it's really good. I made it with 4lbs of lamb and 1 pound of beef and it made a very good and alittle tang to it. I shared it with a friend of mine from Sierra and he had put in him standing order of 10lbs a month. So that speaks well for the sausage I would think. But I personally love this sausage. If you haven't tried it please do try it if you like lamb. Great job there Joel I really like all the recipes that you have gave me so far. So keep it up.


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(thread resurrection) 

I just made this one.  Really good flavor, but the texture needs some work.  Mine was ~1.5 lbs lamb / 3.5 lbs chuck roast and I ground it through my 1/8th inch plate twice.   It might just need more fat, or something to bind it together.  Partly from the onions I think the moisture content was rather high, next time I'll try processing them the way Alton recommends for his gyro meat recipe. 

Have you made any changes to this recipe since the last posts?


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Jjust found this post and have to try casings, never thought of it.  I've always rolled and packed into netting then put on the rotisserie on the grill. Thanks for the info to all who responded. Don't mind the stutter,LOL.
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