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Jan 5, 2014
I live in the mountains of so cal and I will be relocating soon to Washington. I've never really smoked a meat before but I've been grilling since I was 7 years old. Currently I have a char broil grill (my dads grill) and I want to start a catering business with a treager smoker(soon to get). I need all and any advice on smokin meat. Being that I am 14 years old going with big ole words might be trouble but I will try to understand.thanks again and I hope to meet some of y'all.

So, looking at your other post, you have about 500 bucks to buy a smoker. What about insurance?, Permits... etc.

Not to rain on your parade, but, if you're coming here to ask about advice to smoke meat, do you really think you're ready for a catering business? I'm kind of thinking... No, not by a long shot.
Thanks ak1 but trust me I'm looking at starting this catering thing in 2 years I have done all the math and I might go 700 to 1000 on a smoker now that you've brought up how dumb that was of me but like I'm sayin it's just an idea I don't plan on this being a 1 month deal. And not advice on smoking meat my grandpa teaches me how to do that and now I use his smoker once a month but I need advice for what I'm lookin for in a smoker. I've never bought one. Thanks again!
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Welcome AAB

You will find plenty of friendly folks with great advice on this forum. Lt the search bar at the top of the page be your new friend.  There are over 1 million post on this forum.  And that a lot of powerful knowledge right at your finger tips. Or just ask! If you have not checked it out already, Give Jeff's 5 day ecourse a try.  It is free and full of great information to make you an even better smoker.

Again Welcome.

Thank you Brian, I'm glad to know that ill get good pointers here and I'm excited to start doing real deal smoking. As I've said I only smoke meat(chicken and tri-tip) once a month at my grandpas with a decent smoker. So I'm open to all advice I might need to smoke ribs, brisket, and whole hog ( I really want to bbq those meats)

Good to see your determination for getting into business. If whole hog is going to be one of your featured items you're going to need a bigger boat.....than a traeger. If I were you, I'd keep my eye out for a used smoker thats a bit larger than a small traeger. Whatever you decide best of luck to you. I think you'll be smokin' like a pro in no time.
Thank you geerock, I have one question however. What size smoker do you think I'll need? And what is a good brand to trust for the job that is budget friendly? I might just get the treager and smoke brisket,ribs, and chicken. Whole hog is a goal but probably not the ideal menu item :( but in years to come hopefully whole hog will come. Thank you for the encouraging words.
Well, I personally use a brinkman pitmaster deluxe. I smoke any and everything that I want on there with no Problems whatsoever. My wife picked it uo for me. I have smoked whole turkeys, boston butts, chickens, bologna etc. As a matter of fact, I will be smoking 4 butts and making dutchs baked beans for my daughters 14th bday party. There will be 50 people there. How many people on avereage will u be making q for?
Hello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   Never to early to start, I was 13 when I first started grilling, My dad worked two jobs, I liked grilled food and it went from there.
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Imsmokingpork, on average my family 7 people for a while and if my friends come probably around 30. I want to be able to also smoke for our church once a month. I think that's all until I start catering. And that's awesome Gary S I was first behind the grill when I was 8 or 9 on the Fourth of July making hotdogs. Not anything big but I always thought bbqin is fun. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.