Smoking together

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Original poster
Jun 4, 2016
Southern NJ
Hey all,

I am relatively new to smoking.  I have a UDS that I have used a couple of times and like very much.  My question, what is the best food items to smoke at the same time?  The last 2 times I have used it I made baby backs and chicken thighs.  Their temps are close but the cooking times vary.  I usually put the ribs on using the 2-2-1 method (that usually ends up being 1.5-1.5-1).  When pulling the ribs to foil them up, I put the chicken in under the ribs, closer to the heat basket.  I have also made ABT's, putting them a level above the ribs.  I am interested in doing some sausage or fresh kielbasa.  What do you like to cook together?  It seems a waste to have the fuel going and not make the most of it.


Pork loin and spatched chicken cooks at about the same rate.

Meatloaf or fatties can also be done with chicken or pork loin.

Most apps like ABTs, Moinks, meatballs, etc cook around the same time.

Throw in a batch of Dutch's wicked beans. Goes great with ribs.

How about no boil Mac n cheese. Or poor mans a burnt ends.
Why not?  Gotta jump off the high dive at some point, and no time better than now. 
Butts and brisket!  Always a good combo and freezes well for later.
Cranky is right here like normal... fills up a smoker well, gives you some variety which is great if you have any picky eaters like i do (my wife will not eat beef) and they cook in similar amounts of time at the same temps. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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