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Discussion in 'Fish' started by terry56, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. I have some frozen salmon fillets that I want to brine and smoke. Will I be able to safely refreeze them after smoking.
  2. smokerjim

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    i don't see why not, but once you start eating it it might all be gone,
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    Definitely...Once they are cured and smoked they can be refrozen.

    Have fun,

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    What they said!


  5. cmayna

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    I have a freezer full of Salmon waiting to be smoked and another freezer full of smoked Salmon which graduated from the first freezer.

    Enjoy the smoke and post some pics.
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  6. Thanks for the help. As far as posting pics, I will have to wait for my daughter to come home for the summer to show me how. I'm a little bit computer illiterate.
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    Don't feel to bad about pics I still haven't figured out how to post them yet either I'm alot computer illiterate
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    to upload a pic

    That is the link to follow
  9. I would ensure that the fillets are fully cooked to the correct intenal temp before re-freezing.

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