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I might be answering my own question just asking it...

the question references the Trager pellets designed to be used in the Trager BBQ/smoker system, has any one used these just as a smoking agent to be mixed with chips (combination) as any of the other pellets we buy in bulk  from the SMF supporters? or do you find the burn a little hotter since the are compressed to 10,000 psi. so far i have only seen them in 20lb bags in hicory and mesquite.

thanks in advance, please move the post if in the wrong area
Les thanks,

i use many combinations, chips, chunks, lump and pellets.

my concern/question came up when the salesman was doing the demo with the Trager i was interested about the pellets. his comment was they were 10,000 psi (highest) in the industry for a long burn.

my first thought was a hotter burn and if I was to use them i might have to start changing/adjusting all my times when these particular pellets are used.

many people must have the trager BBQ/smoker and have an idea if they burn hotter or basicly no difference from any other brand they have used.

thanks again for your time.
I've used them in combo with other items.  Works just fine, you just have to not use as many pellets as you'd think, MAKES BIG smoke if you use too many (don't bother asking how I know).  BTW, since I saw that you have a Cash n Carry nearby, they sell Pellets on occasion.  20lbs for 9.95, many varieties.  Good quality for what we want.
I've been doing a lot of testing with pellets lately, and many pellets are "Blended" with Oak or Alder, unless specified to be 100% of the flavor wood on the label.

So what you really get is a blended pellet of 80% Oak or Alder, and 20% of the "Real Wood" specified on the label.

These pellets are "Blended" to produce heat in a pellet grill/smoker and also provide smoke.  Some guys using pellet grills/smokers feel that using a 100% Hickory for example would be overpowering on the food.

Pellets burn "Hot" and produce good smoke.  A little go a long way!

I use pellets mostly for the smoke flavor they provide, not for heat since I use two GOSM's and a propane grill or three. I always have to remember "less is better".

The pellets I've purchased locally are a combination of the "flavor" (i.e. Washington Apple, Cherry, etc) and alder.  100% natural hardwood.  It's a way for the lumber products industry to use ALL of the tree, so to speak.  That's a plus.  It's a way to get a "flavor" you might not be able to easily or economically acquire.  That's one of the reasons I like Todd's dust.  There's some goodies hiding away in his selections.

Another plus, at least for the pellets I bought, were "made in Portland, Oregon".  Always try to buy locally, if it's possible.
Just ordered this yesterday for this weekend, has anyone tried these out? Also what would be the best way to use these in a SFB (Brinkmann Pitmaster Deluxe) I have read about pouches and was thinking also about putting them in a disposable tin (like a meatloaf tin) and place over (but not directly on) the coal?....Any ideas
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