smoking my first bone-in turkey breast tomorrow

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by cvaglica, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Hi folks - I'm smoking my first bone-in turkey breast tomorrow, so I wanted to run a few details past you experts to make sure I'm on the right track....

    1. I'm brining it right now in the Slaughterhouse Brine recipe I got from this site. Based on all the different posts, I think I should brine it for no more than 5 hours, so I'll pull it out tonight, dry it off, and wrap it in foil overnight in the fridge.

    2. Tomorrow I'll rub it down with vegetable oil, then sprinkle it with a rub (I use Stubbs' rub). I'll stick a cut onion and some carrots in the cavity.

    3. I'm going to put it directly on the rack, breast side down, in my MES 40 smoker, heated to about 250 degrees, with apple and hickory chips. (I haven't yet bought one of those AMAZEN smoker things, but I plan to!) I'm going to put some water and apple juice in the water pan below the bird.

    4. I think I'll plan to smoke it for about 30-45 minutes per pound (it's a 5.67 lb. breast). I'll use my meat probe and take it out when the probe reads 170. So....I think that means about 3-4 hours, give or take.

    5. I'll pull it at 170, wrap it in foil and towels, and let it sit for an hour in the cooler.

    6. Carve, and eat!

    Does this sound about right to y'all? Anything I'm overlooking? Should I mist it with something during the cooking process?

    Thanks in advance for all your advice!
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    Perfect, you did your research. Don't forget the camera so we can all drool. [​IMG]
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    Try to get some of your rub under the skin, because at 250 the skin will be too rubbery to eat and all the rub flavor will be on the skin.

    The other option would be to put the breast on a hot grill to crisp up the skin when you take it out of the smoker.

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