Smoking Jeff's BBQ sauce

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Jun 22, 2009
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I don't know if any of you have tried this, but it adds another layer of flavor to an already great sauce. I have tinkered with Jeff's recipe, a few times, but always come back to his original one. The one thing that I do is I make the sauce on a day that I'm going to smoke something and after simmering the sauce on the stove I put it in the smoker for 3 or 4 hours. It adds a nice smoke flavor.
Al.. that is a great idea! I will have to try that with the sauce.

I have tried my rub with smoked paprika and it is wonderful as well. Got me thinking now about cold smoking some rub laid out on a cookie sheet..
Thanks Jeff. I am going to try your idea with the rub. Sounds like a job for the AMNS. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.