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Gonna Smoke

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Sep 19, 2018
South Carolina
Every grill master or smoker master needs a good assistant. Here's mine helping me with the splits for my smoker...



Lucy, she says this one is perfect...
That's awesome! Too dark for a pic but my almost 2 year old has made our front yard into a collection of sticks, and splits. And let's not forget the 10' piece of 2 " pvc pipe she drug out of the shed!
Love her to death though!

Great looking dog. Gretchen been on my mind a lot this week.
Thanks Brian. Lucy is 4 now and has a firm grip on my heart, she is MY dog and I'm her person for sure. I know that day will come and like you, it will be very difficult, but for now I'll enjoy every moment I have with her. So sorry about Gretchen...😞
Looks exactly like my new neighbours dog but watch out that the pup does not get wood stuck up its jaw. Had a freind who's dog started to stink because of wood lodged where they could not see it.
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