smoking a 24lb turkey, got a question on temp

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Jan 15, 2018
smoker is at 220 degrees, got a 24lb bird that I'd figure would take 12 hours to get to 165f

its been almost 5 hours and the bird is at 150. I've rechecked all my temps the smoker is running around 217f and the breast and thigh is around 148f using about 3 different themonitors.

does a big bird like this have a cool off plateau like ribs do? Then after 3-4 hours it will kick up to 165ish ?
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also, i normally roll smoke on things for a max of about 4 hours,, still true on turkey?
Man I don't know. A turkey that big sounds scary!
I would say that if 4 hours of smoke suits your taste, I'd stick with it.
I always tended to over smoke things. But I only smoked for me.
I've been learning to cut back, and I get better responses.

Did you have to use a shoe horn to get it in your smoker? :rolleyes:
heh, no it went in perfect, I have a 40 inch smoker, there is plenty of room on the sides and above and below. It was a 21lb bird that after brine and stuffing it with onions, celery and apples weighed in at 24lb.

After looking at other forums and other videos, Its not really 30 mins a lb. Most people seem to take around 5 hours for a 12-20 lb bird. When it cooks too fast or too slow I always panic about my temps, but everything looks fine.
If it cooks too fast, don't sweat it. Cut it up and warm it when you want to eat. It will still be delicious.

Some turkeys stall...which adds an easy 2 hours to the smoke. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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