Direct High Heat Yardbird on the WSM

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Smokin Okie

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Jun 27, 2018
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This is the best way I've found to smoke chicken.

Took water pan and lower grate out of the 18 WSM that I bought in 2002 and still turning out good cooks. Used a chimney and 1/2 of fully lit B&B Oak Lump. And a small split of pecan. Been a while since I measured temps, but it should run around 325*.

Spatchcocked and halfed two 6# yardbird, I normally like them smaller, but I just grabbed a couple at Walmart and did not look at the weight.

I had some Meat Church Bird Bath brine in the freezer, that I bought a couple years ago for turkey. Needed to use it and thought this was a good time. Left the birds in the brine in the fridge for 4 hours.

Seasoned three of the halves with a light coat of Tuffy Stone's Umami and then Plowboy Yardbird. The last one was Holy Cow, but not Meat Church Holy Cow, I made this rub from a recipe in Mike Mills book " Peace, Love , and Barbecue " . Its basically SPG with some paprika.

And I had some white barbecue sauce I wanted to try.


Got them on the WSM and was getting the right color smoke from the WSM and it was shooting a good stream of air flow out the top. It runs much better with a full belly of lit coals as opposed to the Minion Method. It burns cleaner.


I put them on meat side down and flipped them at the 30 minute mark, was happy with the color here, and the WSM was putting out some really nice thin blue smoke.



And the finished product. Very juicy chicken. The brine did its job. This may've been the best yardbird I've smoked. We ate the Holy Cow half. I tried the Meat Mitch white sauce. It was good, but the bird did not need it. It reminded me more of tartar sauce. Mrs Okie added some buttermilk cole slaw.

Direct high heat on the WSM is hard to beat.

Some fine birds you got there SO. I've never tried white BBQ sauce. Thanks for the head-up on it's flavor.

Point for sure
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Great looking bird and no doubt loaded with flavor! Love and use all of those rubs. I use the Lane's white sauce
Ya got me wanting some smoked chicken for breakfast 😋

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Some fine birds you got there SO. I've never tried white BBQ sauce. Thanks for the head-up on it's flavor.

Point for sure

I've seen a lot of recipes on the internets that would probably be about the same thing and lot less expensive. Matt Pittman at Meat Church has one. I watched it yesterday.
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He makes enough white sauce here to dunk the entire bird, which I think maybe is wasteful for one chicken.

At Big Bob Gibson's , they dunk all the birds. There would be economy of scale to make that reasonable. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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