Smoking 300 racks of ribs!

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Dec 12, 2014
Hey wanted to get some opinions on the best way to go about cooking 300 slabs of baby back ribs for a county rib fest. We are in the process of building a smoker large enough to handle this quantity so that is not a issue. However seeing as we have never attempted to do this many i am questioning the methods i have used to cook my ribs as it is hardly feasible. I have always done the 3-2-1 method however its been more of a 3-1-1 method lately so that they are not completely falling off the bone but individually wrapping that amount of ribs just is not in the plans. I have already adjusted the rib rub for no sugar so that they do not over darken during a long cook being unwrapped the whole time but want to ensure they are tender enough without being overly dry. Have people tried "wrapping" several slabs in a large foil pan and then covering them to tenderize? How many slabs could you really get into a large pan? Or could i marinate them in a soda such as vernors overnight to help and then cook straight unwrapped? Looking for the best way to go about doing this while maintaining a good quality product. And no pre cooking them such as boiling them or anything is not a option. Thanks for the assistance!!!
Wowie Zowie. 300 slabs.

In comparison to others here I am still just a newbie, but I had a few thoughts.  First, I rarely foil any more unless there is very low humidity Winter temps to prevent drying.

Before visiting this site and sucking up all its great info I could, I was doing some pretty good ribs on different charcoalers and gas grills without wrapping.

I did not realize how I was doing it in detail like now, but I found the lower and slower I cooked them, the better they came out.  A slow drip of smoldering juice added to the smoke flavor.  The #1 Killer was to have a flare up.  Have to keep the temp low enough and the heat far enough away to avoid that at all costs and be ready to move the meat out of the soot flame if it happens immediately until it burns out.  This will be paramount with any method you come up with.


Keep us posted on your project, I would like to follow it if you do not mind sharing.
I'm wondering if an occasional spritz with apple juice or cider vinegar would help maintain moisture? More knowledgeable folks than I will no doubt be able to help you out.
Dangggggg!!!! 300 racks. Is the smoker your building going to be on a semi trailer?

Whatever you do, I hope you take pictures and share on this site.

Also, is someone going to use the smoker commercially for a business after said ribfest?
The number of slabs in each pan, depends on the pan & the ribs.  If you go that route, I would try a sampling before the Fest & order extra pans.  You could have custom pans & lids made, by a sheet metal outfit, if you plan on doing this more than once.

I don't know if a steam injection system would simulate the humidity of being foiled or not.
I'm not an expert by ant means but I've did large cooks mostly bbq I'm thinking boil them for bout 1 hour then season and smoke. That will get you close to tender and also your smoke is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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