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Jan 16, 2006
After using a brinkman gas smoker for a while, I was thinking of purchasing a bradley or cookshack cabnit smokers and was looking for some input....
I know 2 seperate people who both own Bradley smokers. They both like the convenience of the auto feed but neither is to thrilled at being able to only use those pricey little wooden biscuits for smoking.
I've enver owner either of those smokers as I have great reservations about using proprietary fuels (ie. biscuits and pellets) for smoke.

I own 2 GOSM stainless steel Big Block smokers which are also cabinet style and love them. You can get GOSM smomers in charcoal or propane and if you're set on electric I'm sure you could add an element very easily. Be sure to check them out.
I agree with Bob's post above... I would have to limit myself to a single source of fuel... I have not used a Bradley, but that one thing would keep me from spending my $$s on one... There are many other good choices...

If you do decide to get one, report back and let us know how you like it...

I still am not sure which one to buy, I've heard you guys talk about GOSM. Do you have a website where I could look at one?. With my schedule i'm not gonna have the time to cook them the way I like. Nothin better than sitting back watching the smoke rise and a cold beer go down. Thanks, Mike

cc: smokem' if ya gottem'
I'm a big fan of the Weber Smokey Mountain Bullet smoker (WSM). You can see them on their web site at They also have links to take you to a discussion of lots of other things like ribs (types and trimming) etc. It's a good site and a wonderful smoker. I can tell you that lots of folk use them as starters and continue to use them even into serious competion. On the down side, they only have two racks and with a large family or more than several guests, you might grow out of it. Then you can go larger or as someone else pointed out, add another bullet. It's a great first (or advanced) smoker and quality built. Whatever you decide, good luck to you and be sure to keep us posted as you go along.
Smokey you can go to wal marts website and they have 2 models on there

if you get one spend the extra $28 on the wide body, you will be glad you did

i have the smaller one and it does a great job but sometimes i wish it was juuuuust a 'lil bit wider
Hey guys, thanks for all great info. I will be making a purchase within the next couple of weeks. I think it will be time for a smokin' ribfest for the Super Bowl.
Hey guys, UPS delivered my smoker the other day, I bought the wide body from E-pod I just finished seasoning it . What a awsome unit. I will try a turkey for Sunday, along with some baby-backs. One thought though, has anybody put more temp guages on it than the one on the front?
Smokey-for what it's worth most door thermometers are not very accurate/reliable. The one on my GOSM can be off as much as 15 degrees + or - depending on the weather. A lot of us us a digital thermometer such as the Maverick ET 73 or similar for the sake of reliability. Check out the Thermometer thread on the Smoking Equipment & Supplies Forum
Thanks Dutch, I did do a little surfing about the maverick and I think the general consensis is " its worth the money". As soon as I get done buying the smoker cover I will order the thermometer.. Thanks for all the help....
"A Smoker Cover???" :shock: Dude- That's what tarps and bungee cords are for!!! :D :P

Mark: That's a good find on Overstock and way less for what I paid for mine. I'll have to figure a way to sneak another one in past the wife! :twisted:
I would like to get a couple of them but it will have to wait until they let me go back to work. wich sounds like that might be severl months they need to operate on my other shoulder is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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