Smoker Turned Off Cooking Pork Shoulder

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Jan 1, 2023
Hi folks, new here!

I had a pprk shoulder going into the 10th hour. Went back inside to wait out thr last couple hours. Smoker was at 250 and pprk temp was 183 when I last saw it. I went outside when time was up and found smoker had an error, fixed the error, fired it back up to finish to temp goal of at least 195/200. I am in MN, 26 degrees out. Pork was at 136 when I restarted it, grill was at 30 so it had been off a while I assume at least 30 to 60 minutes. Oven on the fritz so not able to use that option.

Thanks for your help!


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Sep 15, 2012
Happy to hear you were able to get the smoker fired back up. If you're asking if the shoulder is still safe to eat. It's fine to finish and eat. Sucks about the oven also.



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Mar 22, 2008
As Chris said it's safe to eat and good luck with getting it finished. Personally at 26 I'd be wrapping it in foil and hoping that oven would finish it.
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Dec 27, 2015
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hi and welcome from Minnesota also! all good advice given above! let us know how it goes for you. and as mentioned, look into getting a thermometer that will send you updates on your smokers temp and the meat as well. it should also have alarms you can sent to give you a heads up on problems like these.
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Jan 13, 2015
Coatesville, IN
Bummer, but glad to hear you got it fixed and running. Having a wireless thermometer that can alert you on the phone when temps start to fall would be a good idea. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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