Smoke'n the brisket

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Jimmy, I'm at 140 deg now .. the smell is killing me also. along with the homemade baked beans.

Dang That thing must be really thick.
I was suprised when I stuck mine at noon and it was 175. Not to thick of one. One end is thicker so I have stuck it there and in the center. Both about the same.
Maintaining 225 in the smoker.
Which mine is a Gas one though. Have to put water in every 1hr. Chips burn out in about an hour so I do both at the same time. Chip holder isn't very big. Think I am gonna try to make one thats bigger.
It's a thick one .. atleast 5 to 6" .. I have a smoker with the firebox on the side .. all we burn is charcoal and wood in it .. looks like you'll be eating before me . lol ..

Lookin' good!! Don't get too bothered when they stall or hit the "plateau". It was hard for me to wait it out the first time I did a brisket or butt.


yuppers, It's at that stall point but has moved up some since the last post .. I should be wrapping soon .. I also place the homemade beans in there also for a smokey flavor.

The kids b'day went well lastnight, His b'day was actually the 26th but celibrated the 27th <on your b'day> This was the dinner he requested. Nothing like food porn .. eh. Hope your B'day went well and you had time to enjoy yourself.

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