Smokehouse pellets

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  1. Does anybody have any experience with the smokehouse pellets?

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  2. chef jimmyj

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    Never tried them and after a search on a pellet site found no discussion. The pellet grill guys look for cheap so at over $3 per pound, they are not interested. With pellets for smoking in a generator, AMNPS/AMNTS most of us look for 100% smoke wood, in this case 100% Cherry. Now with the AMNPS Maze, 100% Cherry can have problems staying lit, so we blend them with something else anyway. So, a Cherry/Alder blend may not be a bad thing for the AMNPS guys like myself. Give them a shot...JJ
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  3. I've always used bbqrs delight pellets in my amnps with good results but they are expensive found the smoke house pellets for 5.99 for 5 lbs at bass pro and gander mtn made in USA thought I would give them a try

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