Smoked Wings and Boxty ( Irish Potato Cakes )

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Jan 27, 2021
Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia ,Canada
Smoked Wings and Boxty ( Irish Potato Cakes )
Sunday I finally had a couple hours to myself and no yard work...I could have but I did not.
Put the split wings into a bag with Lane's Q-Nami rub/seasoning for a couple hours before I went out to rake the yard.
Made up the Boxty I got this from "The Irish Chef " on you tube
250 gr. grated raw potato
250 gr. mashed potato
250 gr. plain flour
2 eggs
1 tea spoon baking powder
green onion and salt and pepper to taste
he listed you could also add bacon or cheese etc
So I added onion and grated cheese

Fry in oil and butter mixed , that helps the butter not burn so quick
while making these I put the wings in the smoker at 300 deg. +/- with Hickory chips approx. 45 minutes

So put all in bowl and mix together, this wile be very sticky, but just go with it. Make into patties, I wile next time make just a little thinner, mine were almost 1" think

Check the wings and they are ready to go one the grill


On the grill with mixture of onion bbq sauce and soya sauce and ketchup, nice also start to fry the Boxty in the oil and butter med heat for 3 minutes each side



Also I did a few wings with just soya sauce as that is how somebody wanted theirs
Made up a small help yourself platter .
On this I also warmed up some mini corn with hot butter and my "pickled radish, onion and jalapenos" funny how the radishes loose their color being pickled.


My plate , loved the Boxty, will make these again, might add a little bacon next time but that's me :emoji_laughing:


Thanks for looking



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Man David, that whole plate looks great! But those boxty look delicious! Definitely will be tried...and why not add bacon! Very nicely done!

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Wow! Killer plate, great work! I love Boxtys and wings are proof our time on this planet is supposed to be fun! You nailed em. Congrats on a well deserved ride!
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David, that looks fantastic!! Absolutely gorgeous plate and a great write up. Very well done sir...and heck with all that yard work. Keep these great posts coming!!

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Man those potato cakes look killer. Will for sure try them out. Love different ways to cook potatoes!

Thanks Jim for the like and the comment

They were good , next time I will also add some chopped bacon
I love working with potatoes. Have a couple more different ways coming soon, lol

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