Smoked Wings and Boxty ( Irish Potato Cakes )

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Those boxty look great David. I'll be making them and adding some fried and chopped bacon to them.
Since I don't eat skin, fat, or bone....think I'll probably skip the wings. :emoji_confounded: :emoji_confounded:

Thanks Gary for the love and the comment

Yes the Boxty were good and yes bacon and maybe Mozza next time , and I almost grabbed drums instead of the wings , but would have taken longer to unthaw , so it was skin fat and bones for supper.:emoji_laughing::emoji_laughing:, but I know what you mean.

Wow! Killer plate, great work! I love Boxtys and wings are proof our time on this planet is supposed to be fun! You nailed em. Congrats on a well deserved ride!

Thanks Jed for the love and the comment

Yes the Boxtys were good and of coarse so were the wings , even Mona's just grilled with Soya Sauce were good ....she did not see me take a couple of hers, lol

And thanks about the featured ride , very unexpected

David, that looks fantastic!! Absolutely gorgeous plate and a great write up. Very well done sir...and heck with all that yard work. Keep these great posts coming!!


Thanks Robert for the like and the comment

Very nice of you to say about the plate , as you also have been putting out some very pretty meals.
And the yard work , it has to get done , so I guess I'm the man . But yes ya have to eat also, lol

Glad my yard is not as large as yours , ....wait than I would have to buy a tractor lol

Sorry I was slow to see this. great looking wings and cakes!

Thanks Dave for the like and the comment

Don't ever worry about that, I am so far behind commenting on posts , going to take a week to catch up as long as everyone stops posting . lol
Was a good meal , and will do the cakes again

:Looks really good David. I could chow down on those taters and wings.

Point for sure
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