Smoked Turkey on my day off... BBQ and landscaping the backyard beats working any day!

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colorado shawn

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May 14, 2011
Erie, Colorado
Hi fellow BBQ enthusiasts,

We had a beautiful day here in Colorado and my wife brought us home a turkey.  I had the day off so it was a great day to fire up the smoker and get some sunshine working on the backyard landscaping.  I tend to work longer and harder if I've got my smoker fired up and am awaiting a tasty dinner after some hard work.  So rewarding!  This turkey came out better than ever.  I didn't do anything crazy special other than this time I filled the cavity with carrotts, celery, and a generous amount of vegetable oil.  The breast meat was more tender than any I've had in memory.  I smoked  the turkey in my Weber Smokey Mountain at about 250 degree heat for about 5 hours, then let it rest wrapped in plastic wrap and a towel for 1 hr.  I did a video of the carving and me and my wife's first taste.  We were super happy with the outcome.  I love it when a plan comes together!  Cheers :)

What, no pix?!!! Glad everything turned out tasty. Sounds like a great day off!

Two things:

1. generally, you don't want to put anything in the cavity of a bird in a smoker-- too much risk of staying in the "Danger Zone" too long where bacteria can flourish & make folks sick.

2. We have a saying around here: no pix = never happened! But we'll let a newbie slide ;-).

Welcome to the forum
Looks Great!

Nice video too!

Like James said, normally we don't stuff a turkey for the smoker, because of the difficulty of getting it from 40˚ to 140˚ in 4 hours.

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