Smoke tubes and Weber kettle temps

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Mar 22, 2009
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I bought a couple of those stainless tubes that you fill with wood pellets. I haven't used them yet and I'm considering using either my drum smoker or 22" Weber kettle for a smoke chamber.

How hot do these gadgets get? What will the temp be inside the Weber with only one of these tubes smoking?

I'm thinking about doing nuts and cheese, maybe some sausages.

I will be testing soon but I was hoping that the experience here could guide me.

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The outdoor temps will determine how warm it runs, also how you set it in there, if laying on the side it will burn quicker and hotter, the more vertical you place it the lower the temp and longer burn time, do a practice run, dirt cheap to burn a tube of pellets. I use the round tube and it may burn different than that style.
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Make sure you burn off the tube before you use it for food as well. I use either a tray or tube in my weber. If it's 60 out. The weber doesn't get over 80 or so. Most of us do cold smoking in fall, winter, and spring.
Follow Mike's advice on placing.
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Thanks. I was thinking that these would also work for jerky. I normally just cure and dehydrate but would rather have real smoke than liquid smoke.
For cold smoking, especially in such a confined area as a webber, I would use dust, not pellets. Lot less heat generated. For doing jerky, yes pellets will be just fine.

So these pellets, (Pit Boss Hickory) just go into a blender and then stuff the tube with the dust?

If I'm doing a large batch, it would be the drum smoker and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't get too hot. There's some experimenting to be planned...
Never done the dust but have read add water to pellets let them swell up and I think you can dry them in the oven when wife wont be home for awhile or let air dry, crumbles up to dust.
I use my 22" kettle for cold smoking. Just leave the vents wide open
I think it was about a 20°F temperature rise

So these pellets, (Pit Boss Hickory) just go into a blender and then stuff the tube with the dust?
Here's a thread by daveomak daveomak on wetting first
Forgot to point you to adding a u-bolt to your tube

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