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  1. Tuning in from Los Angeles

    Have a Weber Genesis and picked up a Masterbuilt 30" smoker last X-Mas. I've been BBQing for a long time. Definitely a legend in my own mind till  I started reading this forum and realized how little I know. It is an honor and privilege to join the community here and look forward to pickup on some of the expert skills that frequent this  forum. The Masterbuilt has been a great starting platform but feeding it wood chips every hour had not been very practical. In result I picked up a Masterbuilt Cold Smoking kit which promises up to 8 hours of smoke without intervention. I am not too thrilled with this addition as it will not gravity feed the wood chips too great. It requires shaking the device every so often to get the wood chips to contact the heat elements. Any suggestion would be appreciated.
  2. [​IMG]   Good morning and welcome to the forum, from another warm and humid day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.

  3. Welcome from South Carolina.

     I have a MES 40" ,because I believe size matters [​IMG], and found the same issue of getting tired of having to add wood chips every 30 minutes. So I got a A-MAZE-N smoking tray and put a end to that.

    Smell Smoke
  4. Size does matter for sure. I regret not getting the 40". The 30" does not fit a whole Brisket or a Salmon and need to cut and place on 2 shelves.Price of inexperience. The A-MAZE-N Looks like a winner. How long does a load run for?

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  5. I have the 5x8. Completely full it'll go 8 to 10 hours. I usually just fill halfway for a 3 hour smoke. Time depends on air intake and such it seems.
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  6. Thanks brother. I can't believe how inexpensive it is.

    Just ordered one from Amazon for $35.00 which also includes a 1 lbs bag of hickory.
  7. It can be a little tricky getting it lit so be sure to watch some YouTube videos showing how to light it. Also on my MES I have to pull the wood chip feeder tube out to get enough air in to keep the fire going. Have read some just pulling it out some and not all the way out. Research it a little, worth the time.
    I think you'll enjoy it once you get it down pat. Try this article.

    Smell Smoke
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  8. Will do. Thanks for the help.

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