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  1. Hello smokers.  My name is Matt and I live in a little beach town in NJ.  I got a smoker for Christmas and have been loving it.  It is a Masterbuilt Pro - Vertical Propane smoker from Home depot.  Very happy with it so far.  I did a lot of research before sending my letter to Santa and decided that, for me, a propane smoker was the best choice.  I enjoy smoked foods but didn't want to work that hard getting the temperature right and keeping it there.  So far I have done a couple of pork tenderloins, about 10 pounds of whiting, a pork roast and a brisket.  The brisket was magical and the whiting great.  Pork stuff was ...meh... but I'll keep trying.  I joined the forum looking for tips and recipes and look forward to getting lots of great smoking info and posting some of my newbie observations about my smoker and recipes. 

    I use hickory, apple and cherry chips and take hints on which to use form the opinions of others.  My go to bottled sauce is Sticky Fingers - Carolina Sweet but I did a home made sauce which was OK.

    Today's project will be a small rump roast, slow cooked and mildly hickory smoked.  My mouth is watering already.  I look forward to great info from this forum and hope to be a contributing member.
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    Welcome to the forum Matt.

    Glad to have you aboard.

    Sounds like you have that smoker humming along pretty good.

    Take some photo's of your rump roast & post them for us to see.

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    Hello Matt, we welcome you here.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying that smoker.

    Don't worry about your meh pork, you'll get 'er dialed in.

    Enjoy and pictures are nice.

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    Welcome from SC, Matt. It's good to have you on this great site. As for flavors, everyone has their own ideas, tastes and preferences. Some folks use combinations of flavors. I basically use hickory for beef, cherry for pork and apple for poultry. It's just the way I started and I haven't changed.

    Good luck and good smokin', Joe
  5. Rump roast done.  Turned out OK.  I made some mistakes that I will learn from.  The big mistake was that I started the smoke at about 3:00 and had the temperature too low.  I had it dialed in just below 200 degrees and by the time the dinner bell was ringing it was not close to being done.  Vegetables in the aluminum tray below the roast were nearly raw.  After 2 plus hours at the low temperature, the beef was only at about 130 degrees.  I took it out and tried to get it heated on the grill.  In the end it was the correct doneness but didn't get as tender or flavorfull as it could have been,

    Lesson learned.... higher heat maybe 225 and allow more time.  Here are some food porn pictures...

    Seasoned with mustard and a rub of brown sugar, salt pepper, cayenne, garlic powder, onion powder

    Repair cooking on grill                                                                     Starting the cook.  Veggies in pan did not cook

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  6. I'll figure out how to do the picture thing someday
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    Welcome Matt!  Those pictures look fine to me!  [​IMG]   I haven't smoked a rump, but chuck roasts have been awesome.  I agree with your temp being 225, it works.  You may want to try a tri-tip, It is a wonderful roast.

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    Points for a beautiful roast and welcome to the forum! I may be a minority on this, and I have not done a roast, but I prefer tri tip to be cooked at a higher temp. I always cooked them on my horizontal offset or Weber kettle closer to 300 indirect. When I bought the MES I tried a few at 225 and didn't enjoy texture/flavor as much. Either way the q view came out perfect!

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