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  1. I am from Ontario Canada, and around here you find these dried, smoked sausages on convenience stores or Leo, brand name does them by the bag, you can buy those in Oxford county and west of that.  They come in Plain, as in no heat to most any variety to suicide hot and beyond.  These are not pepperoni, not an

    y where close to the same taste.  Schneider’s make their Pepperettes; these are drier and smoked more than the Schneider’s product are.  They are delicious and first on my need to know list is, do any of our members have such delights out their way and second, does anybody know how to make them or have a recipe to share.  These are something I want have a go at.

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    We dont have anything like that here in NC but I would like to know how to make them myself...

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    Nothing like that in Oregon either that I know of!
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  4. Are you folks trying to tell me if you walk into the store that is attached to gas station or even a free standing local store does not have smoked or dry sausages on the sales counters?  Like I say in bins, loose, one hot and the other not?  I know as a long distance truck driver, I could find these good all over North America.  And like I said, not as in the picture, those are a moist semi smoked sausage, I mean dried out.

     My next adventure out and about, I will have to pick some these up, resist the urge to eat them all and take few pictures and post them here.
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    No they don't have the dried smoked sausages and jerky at the counters any more.. The department of agriculture has really cracked down and stopped mom and pop sausage and jerky makers from selling their products at local stores... Its was good stuff but what were you really eating and was it safe........
  6. That is sad.  They still allow it up here, they have to be in closed box, and the customer lifts the lid and takes what they want out.  My Neighbour  has, if not eaten yet, some Pepperettes he got from a guy at work who gets them from the Mennonites in the St Jacobs region of Ontario Canada, I will take picture and post it here.  I think folks will get a better idea with a proper picture of what I want to make.
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    Any product sold now must have one of these....

  8. Bulk jerky and snack sticks are available at some places around here.
    Without tasting what you're trying to duplicate, it's impossible to suggest a recipe.

  9. Don't have them around here. I did a search of them and found them only available in Canada, even for shipping. It also said they should be refrigerated so that really stumped me!
  10. Well. I contacted my Neighbour and we talked about what we talked about a few days ago, that was the snack sticks he had.  Seems the fellow who goes to St Jacobs is going to bring more to work tomorrow, so in his house he goes and brings me out the package of snack sticks, low and behold they are Pepperoni sticks.  Not what I am wanting, but I will keep looking.  I do not want the pepperoni taste, more a dried, less greasy, different flavored beef stick.

    I guess I am going to have to some investigation and see what I can do.  I searched the forum, also open another tab on my browser and looked up Pepperoni recipes, so I could tell which ones I did not want try.  What I saw to today, and I did not search too far into f this forum's posting, most snack stick recipes I found, lean heavily toward pepperoni flavours, which I am no fan of.
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    I make a ton of sticks and they always go fast.  Usually 12 and 25 pound batches.  

    There are plenty of mixes around from the big stores like Cabela's, BassPro, etc.  I personally like the the pepper stick mix I get from a local vendor here in Omaha.  It also includes a cure pouch and is not pepperoni. PM me if you want the website.

    I usually will doctor them up a bit.  I almost always add course cracked pepper and additional red pepper flakes.  I'll add at least 3 T of cracked pepper and about 2 T of red pepper to 12 pounds of beef.  I just tried adding high temp cheese and it worked out great.  I once was shaking some red pepper into a batch when the lid came off.  I tried to put the bulk of the pepper back, but I thought it was ruined.  Best sticks I ever made!

    I've added soy sauce, teriaki, oyster sauce, too.  This is actually my favorite marinade for jerky.  Equal parts of each.

    I've also added mustard seed, fennel seed, steak seasoning and about whatever else I have laying around that might taste good.

    There's lots of threads on SMF about sticks, so I hope you're able to check them out.  
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    Yes we do have those here.

    They are set out in containers like this, or bulk like this:

    Two of our local brands, Resers and Tillamook.
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    They used to have 6' lengths of un-cut snack sticks at a store at the Mall in the 1970's and 80's.  Store is gone and I have not seen sticks by the foot like that since.  They had some cut up into one foot lengths in a big glass jar with a lid and they had long sections looped over wooden dowels on a tall tree like structure at the cash register station.  I allway's bought a 6' length when we went to Mall.  Never quite found any that taste like I remember that stuff tasted. 

    One of these day's I've got to take a stab at fermented sticks.  NEPAS has posted a good bit of stuff on the web about the process.
  14. Yes, I have looked at NEPAS recipes and his slant more toward Pepperoni than what I am looking for.  I am no big fan of the Pepperoni spice blend or taste.

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