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Nov 25, 2006
Now that we are into the 1st week of February, it's time to get to work on deciding the slogan for the 1st annual SMF Gathering.

I am asking all to look over the post on the suggested slogans and post back here with only one that you feel is good.

I am trying to reduce the number down to 4 or 5 good ones that can be decided on via a poll. Sometime next week I will make the poll out of this threads replies.

Try to be open minded on this. I know everyone wants theirs to be picked, but just post the ONE that you think is best.

Thanks all. Looking forward to a great meeting in June! link to submitted slogans

Keep Smokin
I'm kinda partial to this one I reckon. Pretty funny I think.

I got my Butt Rubbed
at the 1st Annual SMF Roundup
whereEver MO - 2007
I was going to stay back and let the majority pick, but since we aren't getting too much of a response I'll bump this back in with my choice..

I got Smoked
at the 1st Annual SMF Roundup
whereEver MO - 2007

Thanks for the input Debi..

Keep Smokin
At least it will be an easy poll to run PC. I'll just defer to you since it was your idea for the slogan anyway. All this interest really makes a guy wanna work hard don't it?
One of the things that has always made the SMF stand above the rest is in the fact that we give it 100%. We go above and beyond in our welcomes, in our answers to questions and in our running of the forum.

Let's be the same way with this SMF official event.. let's give it 100% even if you do not plan to be there.

Every great event has great people orchestrating it and a great slogan.. let's hammer out a slogan for this event and let's make it the best slogan ever.

We have the combined ability to do that..

Do some thinking and even if you think it sounds silly, go ahead and send it anyway since it could spark an idea for someone else.

I am going to do the same..

Thank you PC for orchestrating this.. I have a tool that I think will help on the dates, deadlines, etc.. I will be PM'ing you soon about it.
At the request of Larry Maddock, I will accept suggestions to post for the poll until approx. 2/15 - hey a person has gotta have time to think.

Thank you TulsaJeff for your input. Sometimes all it takes is the right person to pull the right string. I don't mind putting effort into this, but the credit goes out to everyone. After all this is a group social event.

It's going to be a great time - Again all are welcome to attend or post slogan ideas.

Keep Smokin
... and I cannot lie...
I touched it with my hands
and got rub in my eye.

too cute Abigail
I've got an idea for the front, " SMF Smokefest '07 "
Also, My hubby wears glasses to read and it would be nice if the Tee's had a pocket for reading glasses ;). Just a thought for those visually challenged . Daun
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