Slogan Question

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I'm glad you created new lyrics...LOL...I took my link down...I didn't realize those lyrics were


...sorry 'bout that...
"I GOT SMOKED AT _________" is my fav. I think Debi came up w/that one. Good Job Debi!

Thats my $.02. I still think you need to have it in western Kansas after wheat harvest. Besides, that is where the important people live :)

All jok'n aside, there better be plenty of pics for the poo heads that couldn't make it. We'll be think'n about ya!

"Poo", comes from Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs. Love the "poo" he gets into. Wife just loves him. :(
BigAl, why can't you make it. You aren't that far away. Are you?
I lived out of a suitcase for along time in Bird City and Colby, Kansas years ago hauling aggregate for portable asphalt plants when they were doing a lot of repaving out that way. Did my laundry on Sunday in Goodland, as there was no laundry-mat it Bird City.
WHOLY POO!!! You were in Bird City? I went to an auction a few yrs ago east of there, I blinked and missed the city!

It's not that far to meet you guys, but the time frame is all wrong. We start planting milo around May 8th and can last till June 20th. Usually wheat harvest starts around Fathers day, or soon after and lasts till July 5th or soon after. Just enough work to mess up Mem. Day, Dad Day, and 4th of JUly. Usually watch fire works from combine as I can see just see the ones in town.

Love to "meat" all of you, but this yr won't work. I just want you to picture me as a cross from Clooney, Pitt, Rowe, and a one-legged toothless bald jigalo from Arkansas/Oklahoma. :) (Wildcat fan, not a sooner fan)
PigCicles, this post was starting to get buried so I made it a *sticky*.
Thank you Dutch, was just working on sorting out the "finalists". I will be making a new post with the final poll for the slogan soon.

On a side note, I will be making your Mohagany Sauce today for the loins I am smoking for dinner at the wife's work. I'll let ya know how it goes over.

Joe PigCicles
i know this is kinda late but here's my 2 cents

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