Should I brine the pork butt?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by larrypj25, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. It is my first smoker go round and there is so much out there! Opinions differ and money is always the antecedent to any choice I make. Really, I am just writing to see if I should brine the butt, what  brine recipe should I use, and the duration of the butt brine. There is not a specific brine option associated with the Pulled Pork recipe in Jeff's book. Any advice and suggestions are well appreciated.
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    The only brine I put in my pork butts is a curing brine to make ham. Otherwise I just like a good rub, good smoke, and plenty of time so all the fats and collagen break down. It is personal preference. I do not like to poke anything inside the butt until it reaches 140º.
  3. Thanks! So, you put the butt in the smoker and when it reaches 140, are you saying that you then inject it with a marinade of some kind? Or you are poking it to check the temp? My wife is working on the rub that Jeff suggests for me. I hope it works well.
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    I put the thermometer probe in at that time. I like the taste of the pork alone when it is all cooked down with all the fat in it and the taste of the rub and bark.
  5. I would say "What taste are you looking for" ?   Everyone is different and likes different things. When I do Pork Shoulders, normally I just rub them down with yellow mustard, sometimes with olive oil, then my rub and on the smoker, Every once in a while I will inject mainly just apple juice.
  6. I brine mine everytime, I use pickling salt, molasses,garlic, and my rub. I use pickling salt because it dissolves in cold water and you dont have to boil it.

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