Shortcut ribeye stroganoff

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Aug 9, 2020
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Friday evening I was digging through my freezer looking for a small prime to start for Easter. I needed to rotate everything in there because I have been doing really good on clearance meat the last couple of weeks but I've been vac sealing it and just chunking it on top of the pile. I first got my vac sealer back in November and it took me a bit to figure it out, but I get really good seals on everything now. Best 30 or 35$ I've spent in a while (Inkbird promotion).

In the bottom of the pile, maybe from the first batch I did, I found 2 packs of ribeyes and a pack of Denver steaks that apparently had not sealed correctly. No major burn showing because thankfully the bag was in good contact with the meat, but it loosened up as I picked it up. There was a little frost inside but not a ton. I was worried about quality though, so I thought I'd just make a nice stroganoff where I could cover up any offending flavors. I didn't make it from scratch, because I was busy as all get out Sat afternoon, so I did my better than scratch cheat. I call it that because the lady likes it better than pure scratch!

No pics cause I didn't think about it. But it's decadent because it's ribeye so here goes.....

4.85 lbs ribeye and Denver. I weighed it because I wanted to know how much I lost if it was funky. I was all ate up thinking that I was screwed.
2 packs McCormick stroganoff seasoning (I wished I'd had 3)
2 small cans cream of mushroom soup
6 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 white onion, fine dice
2 presliced packs of shitake mushrooms. I think they were 5 oz each, might have been 6.
2 cups beef broth made with better than bullion to deglaze the pan. Made it rather salty, about 1.5x strength. Added a splash of worcestershire.
a whole bunch of black pepper
about half a jar of freeze dried chives

Sear off the 4 ribeyes and the 3 denvers to medium rare+. Got great browning because I did salt them a few hours before I seared them. They smelled fine. Nothing off at all. Medium rare+ is what I call a steak that is not quite to true medium. I like a fatty steak more medium rare+ because the fat tastes better.

Onion into the pan to saute a couple minutes, maybe 3 total.
Garlic into the pan, maybe a minute total
Mushrooms got chopped up. and they jumped into the skillet.

Had another bigger pot ready for the mishmash. Onions, garlic and shrooms into the pot. Deglaze with the broth, and it joined the party that the onions and shrooms had going on. Boiled maybe 5 mins total

Sliced the steaks thin. Tasted a piece. Regretted making them into stroganoff because they were perfectly fine. Tasted about 8 more pieces.

Mixed the cream of mushroom soup and the seasoning packs into my big pot. Added another cup of water.

Simmer for about 3 mins to cook the seasoning packs.

Added about half a cup of half and half, stir in well.

Add sliced steak to still simmering mix and turn off heat. Mix in chives and black pepper.

Cover and let sit until it cools down to the point where its still hot, but not magma Stir in 1 lb sour cream.

Ate like a pig. Egg noodles and garlic bread. I needed a break from keto and this was the way to do it. It is so rich and the meat, while cooked to well in the sauce, is still tender. Chives are key to a good stroganoff. I wish I'd gotten some fresh.


My 'after dinner' dinner was a stroganoff sandwich made with leftover slices of garlic bread. No noodles, just picked out slices of the meat and chunks of mushrooms and layered it up. It was messy, I blowed up like a balloon from all of the carbs, and I slept like crap afterwards but it was friggin awesome. I felt like Cartman when he ate all the KFC....

In a few weeks I plan on making some more just for sandwiches. I will not use the mushroom soup but will use the McCormick packs, and maybe not add the sour cream and the dairy, depends on my mood at that point. This every bit as good as a cheesesteak (and I can justify using a premium piece of meat for a good cheesesteak) so my thought is - stroganoff meets cheesesteak. Provolone on the crusty bread and a few seconds under the broiler should do it.

Stay hungry my friends.
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