Scoopers Chicken on the Grill--Delish Bird

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chef willie

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Dec 31, 2010
Willamette Valley, Oregon
Been a while since I've posted and have been wanting to do Scoopers Chicken so here it is. Whole birds were .79 a pound!! Brined the bird for 2 days, then gave it the rub for about another 10 hours or so. Followed his method pretty exactly but grilled the spatched bird over indirect coals till almost done then over direct heat, as the coals were fading away, for the last 20-30 minutes or so. The skin char, while very noticeable, was not burnt tough but very flavorful. The meat was quite juicy, even after the direct heat grilling, including the usually dried out breast meat. GF's comment after asking how the bird was prepared was 'best chicken I've ever made'. Go figure on that one. Regardless, that's a testimony to how good this method of preparation really is. If you're looking for another way or reason to do a whole chicken I highly recommend Scoopers method.

small bucket worked very well for brining

intended for 24 hour brine, wound up being harm, no foul

spatchcocked, keel bone removed, rub applied

rub after about 10 hours, uncovered in the reefer

so tender a leg quarter fell off on removal....xtra thighs were not brined, just grilled off

Man that looks tasty.

Gonna have to try it.     
Nice Job, Willie!!! I'd be all over that !!!

I remembered when Scott posted that method !!!  Great guy to follow!!

HMMM, Haven't seen him for a couple months!

Thanks for picking up my slack on that question Bear, and thanks to all else for the kind words. While it looks charred the sugar in the final rub carmelized a little causing it to darken but it was not burnt. Even the day after while I was shredding the rest of the meat off & nibbling on it was really tasty. I do believe if I had put it in the smoker that would not have occurred but I'm not totally organized yet after a move experience......Willie
Wow Chef W, this is a must do added to the ever growing list of things I have to try.... Very nice smoke, looks real tasty.... :drool

You had me at hot sauce, Chef Willie.

Went into the brine after work on Friday. What kind of sides should I serve with this spicy bird?

Out of the brine and into the rub.

Well, I did Bushes honey beans for me. GF won't eat those so for her I broke down and got a box of Stove Top for Chicken. I know, I know....pure crap BUT she grew up with it. She likes that Kraft Mac & Cz in blue box to....whatever....LOL. Fresh asparagus is around now for some greens and I'm becoming partial to roasted cauliflower or cabbage on the grill. Keep it simple and let the chicken be the Star player......Willie is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.