Scarbelly's Cordon Bleu re-visited

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Mar 12, 2009

Well I saw Gary's (scarbelly's) Cordon Bleu the other day and I needed a main course for a dinner party of sorts. I have been asked to cook for a wedding shower now what's a wedding shower. We have 3 girls and 2 are married and they didn't have a shower till the babies came. But who cares I can smoke something for them to eat. So I started out with some boneless skinless breast and filleted them.


Now I stuffed them like you would with some ham and swiss cheese.


Then here's where we both got off track. You always hear that everything is better with bacon. I believe that too. So a good wrapping with some thin bacon.


So after a dusting with some Old Bay and brown sugar. It's off to the smoker.


You just have to love a full smoker and soon there will be some fine vittles.



Well we have enough for 15 women and maybe one for the cook. I was thrown out for they wanted the house. Man but but but.......So it out to the office and I'll go threw some threads and see who's here. Then I just had to sneak back in and grab one for me. Atleast I can try one???  

Well they're not bad pretty darn good. So thanks Gary for posting this and it really does taste good. So now I have to see who's I like better. So let's find scar's cordon bleu.


So it looks about the same I didn't use as much bacon and mine tasted better. I tried yours but they just tasted like the screen I was licking. So thanks for the idea and the Lady's loved it so. I owe you one for this one.
Hey Mark those look great. Glad to inspire a new rendition from you.  You know it could be a toss up cause yours taste like monitor too!! 
Looks great Mark, I never thought of adding brown sugar with Old Bay before, I do love that old bay and thinking about a smoke job with that and B.S.
Well Mark, I need one of yours and one of Gary's to give it a fair test.  As soon as I receive them, I'll post the results.

Well thanks guys for the kind words and they were loved by the women. I have just tied one the that pigeons leg that I caught the other day. I told him/her to fly hard and fast right over to your house there Bassman. Then Al you really need to make theses things if you like courdon bleu.  Yea I hear that there Jay we love paper around here but the church ladies probably wouldn't have liked them. Heck I thought I was gonna have to paint the house the way the wife was fretting this thing. Maybe that the reason I got kicked out of the house after they got here.
those look awesome! I ll have to try the old bay/brown sugar combo. I use old bay all the time but never the 2 together. I could go for 1 or 12 of those 
I'm thinking about doing these this weekend. What ratio of brown sugar to Old Bay did you use? Or did you just dust em both on there liberally? And what kind of wood and temp did you smoke with? Thanks!

I use about 60% brown sugar and 40% Old Bay and it works good for me. It will give you a pretty good bark but also have a little kick to it too. is reader supported and as an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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