Sausage Snack Stick Followup and Success

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Feb 12, 2017
Southern Illinois
Almost 2 weeks ago I reached out for some advice on how to make my Turkey Snack Sticks. The overall opinion was that I was hot smoking at temps which were too hot. Due to schedule conflicts I was unable to attempt any snack sticks last week. So last night I stuffed some collagen casings with 85/15 ground turkey. Flavored it with some seasoning and added a bit of cure. Rested them overnight and some change. Started smoking them about 2:30 this afternoon. Started off around 120 and then increased slowly to about 165. (My electric smoker has a huge 40 degree swing in temps according to my Thermoworks Smoke thermometer.) So I didn't want to push it higher, because I was afraid it would spike to often above 180. After 8 hours, I have a finished product. I will let them bloom overnight, but they already taste delicious. The meat is firm and I didn't render all my fat out of the sticks. I was able to stick the meat with my probe after 4 hours and it didn't squirt me with all the juices. :) This was the first sign something was different with this process. I let them cook for an additional 4 hours. Took them to 150 degrees before pulling them. They sat in the 150 degree range for a few minutes before they were pulled. Thank you all for you assistance. Pics coming soon!
   What everybody else said  

The verdict is in.......they tasted good. The meat was firm and.they held their flavor. The casing was crispy, which was different then before. It pulled away from the meat while eating it. I just peeled it off and found this to be acceptable. I did not ice bath the sausage, does this cause the shrinkage with the casing and meat?
Sounds like good news all around!

The ice water bath/shower stops the cooking action and helps to prevent wrinkling and such. By pulling at 150 IT and letting them go, they cooked a bit more. I've started doing that recently with my sticks, I like the wrinkles and they seem to have a good texture.

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