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Discussion in 'Fatties' started by yount, Nov 11, 2009.

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    Ok so i wanted to make a little how to on how i do my fatties so here it is hopefully it may help someone.
    Started off with a bob evans zesty hot.

    Put it in a gallon ziploc and made it flat.

    then put in fridge to make it easier to work with.While it was chilling i cut up some onions and peppers.

    Sauteed them with a little evo and garlic.

    Then i took the peppers,onions,garlic,Mozzarella and some marinara put it in a cup and microwaved it to get it to melt.

    then i have a little plastic tube i spray lightly with pam and pour ingredients into it and then throw in freezer for a few mintues to harden

    then i pull out meat slice sides of bag and push the now hardened mixture on to the meat.

    then i roll it and time for fridge to stiffen then on to the smoker will post pics of finished product when it comes out of the smoker
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    Everything looks fine for now one thing I havent seen yet is the plastic wrap after you roll it all together you should wrap it in plastic shrink wrap and hold onto the ends and push or pull it along the table and that will tighten up the roll. Then put that into the refrig over night and then take it out to smoke. If you have any more questions we are here all week.
  3. yount

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    i do do that my daughter 7yr old was videoing it but it didnt come out i made a few just figured id show how i do it lol well here are the finished results out of the smoker

    and sliced
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    Looks Good... [​IMG]

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